Minnie Mouse Main Attraction – Haunted Mansion collection

Haunted Mansion is the the new theme of the month, perfectly in sync with Halloween season. We are so glad to see more Haunted Mansion collectibles. We are in love.

The entire collection is in matching Green, blue, dark green and black colors. The esthetic is that of the ghosts of the haunted mansion ride. The bright blue/green colors reminds me of the glow in the dark ghosts in the ride. There is dark green and black accents everywhere in addition to an interesting purple.

First the Haunted Mansion Minnie Mouse plush is dressed in the Haunted Mansion purple black wall paper dress with bright green accents in satin. The Mouse herself is in bright blue/ green plush. With an adorable black veil covering half of her face. The top of the veil is a Madame Leota floral bow holding the veil down on top of her head.

The Pin set features Madame Leota’s head, Minnie Mouse Plush, and the Headband Ears. Think this is an awesome set to collect.

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